Senior Management Program

Program overview:

As a senior manager you are responsible for managing diverse team and cross functional teams and managers from various departments and these managers in turn leads group of supervisors and team leads. As a senior manager you are responsible for implementing organization’s strategic goals and leading effective change for achieving organization’s bottom line

Westford Exeed Senior Management Development program is a comprehensive program designed for the senior who are leading a team consisting of department managers or functional managers from various domains. The program will enhance the skills and competency of the individuals for senior managerial roles which are essential for organization’s long term goals. The program will be centred on making professionals competent on taking decisions related to operations, projects, finance, long term planning of the units and enhancing innovation.

Program Outline:

  • Module 1: Understanding markets: Economics for managers
  • Module 2: Financial Managers
  • Module 3: Leadership in a complex world
  • Module 4: Building human capital
  • Module 5: Operations effective management and value chain management
  • Module 6: Marketing for Excellence
  • Module 7: Managing projects for strategic advantage
  • Module 8: Enhancing innovation and design thinking
  • Module 9: Designing leading edge strategies
  • Module 10: Sustainable competiveness: a futuristic approach


Program Delivery:

The program consists of ten modules and the entire program is of twelve days duration which will be deliver in four study schools of three days.

During the entire program, a program learning coach will be available with the participants till the entire sessions and will act as a catalyst of learning and will work with the faculty, participants, management and the program manager.


Successful participants will get thirty (30) QCF – UK credits from Pearson and these credits can be used for career progression for MBA