Sales Training -Prospecting like a pro


To succeed in sales, prospecting is the only key. Great sales people always mine for possible prospects to keep their leads funnel full by effective networking, cold calling, warm calling, email, social media and referrals.

Westford Exeed effective prospecting program train sales professional on how to do prospecting at every point of the time by training them on how to identify the perfect customer and the possible ways to reach them. The problem will also teach the sales professional on how to use the array of tools to effective reach the prospect.


  • Understanding the importance of prospecting to effectively expand customer base
  • Distinguishing between a suspect and a prospect
  • Distinguishing between a lead and a prospect
  • Identifying and defining the perfect target customer within the existing solution base
  • Defining ways for finding the prospect within the target customer base
  • Effective networking tactics for reaching the right set of customer base
  • Ways to work with the gate keepers and get the decision maker quickly
  • Ways to get the first and important appointment with the decision maker
  • Using social media and new age tools for prospecting

Program delivery

The entire course duration is of 2 days. This course can also be attended as a pre course work for a certified sales manager program.