Sales Training – Overcoming obstructions

Program overview:

A sales professional always have to encounter many objections before closing the sale. For any solution, the consumer will always present his objection to derail the sale. The role of the sales professional is to overcome those objections with a simple affirmation and find a way ahead to close the sale.

Westford Exeed overcoming objections training has been designed to empower sales executives, sales managers, sales director and all the professionals involved in sales and customer development with the expertise needed to mastering the objections.

Program outline:

  • Articulating the product and the value
  • Understand the common objections of the client
  • The ways to overcome the common objections
  • Closing strategies while dealing with pricing and availability objections
  • Closing strategies while dealing with feature and specification objections
  • Strategies to overcome the objections while reaching decision maker

Program Delivery

The duration of the program is of 2 Days and the organizations can complete this course on weekdays, weekends or in multiple weekends.