Sales Management

Program outline

  • Identify the concepts upon which accounting functions are based.
  • Describe the difference between accounting and financial management.
  • Read financial statements of a business.
  • Use cash flow statements as a tool for financial analysis.
  • Describe the relationship between growth, profit and cash flow.

Additional Outcomes: Introduction to Financial Management

 Identify the financial implications for making decisions.

  • Describe the key concepts of managerial finance.
  • Interpret financial statements.
  • Calculate financial ratios to measure the financial health of an organisation.
  • Draft financial forecasts.
  • Identify growth opportunities through financial results and report the results of a financial analysis.
  • Identify the components of a set of financial statements as well as their objectives and interrelationships.
  • Describe the importance of working capital and cash flow in a business.
  • Draft budgets according to the operational plans of a unit. Program Delivery

The duration of the program is of 2 Days and the organizations can complete this course on weekdays, weekends or on multiple weekends.