New Manager Development Program

Program overview:

Donning the role of manager for the first time is the most difficult task and most of the new managers fail to carry out their responsibilities due to lack of training desired for the specific job role.

Westford Exeed New Management Development program is a comprehensive program designed for the first time managers, team leads or the supervisors. The program will enhance the skills and competency of the individuals. The program will be centred on building leadership and management skills complimented by functional skills specific to the job role.

Program Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction to managerial roles
  • Module 2: Personal mastery and leadership in practice
  • Module 3: Communication in the workplace
  • Module 4: Overview of Financial Management
  • Module 5: Introduction to operations and project management

Program Delivery:

The program consists of five modules and the entire program is of four days duration which will be deliver in two study schools of two days.

During the entire program, a program learning coach will be available with the participants till the entire sessions and will act as a catalyst of learning and will work with the faculty, participants, management and the program manager.


Successful participants will get ten (10) QCF – UK credits from Pearson and these credits can be used for career progression for MBA