Customer Services


In any organization, customer service is one of the most crucial but often neglected marketing aspect. Sales and marketing professional often encounter many pitfalls while delivering customer services and often they have to deal with difficult customers and stress. They also have to constantly present the image of the organization as customer friendly.

Westford Exeed Customer Service professional training is designed for the organizations who want to train their customer facing staff on how to deliver great customer service by enabling them to think in a customer centric way.

Program outline

  • Explaining the current scenario, what customer service is and why is it required.
  • Identifying the reasons why customers leave and what are their expectations.
  • Interpreting customer care vs. costs involved statistics.
  • Defining the different types of customer behaviour.
  • Analysing the impact of complaints and how to handle them.
  • Implementing an attitude shift towards service quality.
  • Identifying consistent and inconsistent customer service and their impact.
  • Interpreting customer needs and expectations.
  • Developing techniques to manage different types of customers.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and understand the value of measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Identifying conflicts and define customer complaint management

Program Delivery

The entire course duration is of 1 day. The course can be deliver on the weekdays or over the weekend.