Customer Experience Leadership

Program Overview

Providing great customer experience became a motto for most of the organizations. Organizations are realizing that to attract more customers and retain the existing one, customer experience is the key. In this era of diminishing loyalty for the brands, customer experience is the only factor which makes the consumer stick to the product/service.

Westford Exeed customer experience leadership program is design for the organization who want to train professionals on how to build great customer experiences while offering services or delivering products. The program will also teach the participants on how to make the product customer centric.

Program outline

  • Evaluating service quality, customer service and focus on customer-centric culture
  • Evaluating customer experience and customer satisfaction in own organisations.
  • Using the findings of the analysis to recommend improvements.
  • Explaining how organisation can apply services marketing, concepts and design, customer satisfaction systems and customer relationship management to improve customer centricity and customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously improving the product value by tracking customer feedbacks and their user behaviour


Program Delivery

The duration of the program is of 1 Days and the organizations can complete this course on weekdays or weekends.