Conflict Management

Program Overview

Today’s workplace is not an easy place and despite the best efforts, employees do get into conflicts due to different set of expectations or ideals. These small differences often lead to large conflicts which in turn becomes bigger conflicts.

Westford Exeed conflict management program is designed for the organizations who are looking for a program for their line mangers or the people managers in effective conflict management to improve workplace relationships.

Program outline

  • Identifying and describe a typical work process problem within their area of authority
  • Formulating potential solutions to the problem.
  • Selecting the best solution to a problem and motivate the selection of that solution.
  • Describing the decision-making technique(s) used to decide on the solution.
  • Developing a plan to implement the solution, including the problem solving technique(s) to be used.
  • Describing how the team leader should contribute towards the implementation of the solution, with specific reference to self-awareness and assertiveness.
  • Identifying possible conflict situations that may arise in solving the problem.
  • Deciding how to improve the outcome of a conflict situation by building trust and using power appropriately.
  • Using and applying the Trust and Power Dynamic model to improve the outcome of a conflict situation in your organisation.
  • Using decision-making technique(s) to decide on the solution.

Program Delivery

The program is of one day duration and the entire program can be deliver over the weekends or weekdays. The program can also be deliver along with decision making and problem solving program.