Anger Management

Program overview

Being angry will bring in lot of negativity to the workplace and even prevent employees in achieving what they are capable of. Working in high pressure environment or tight deadline responsibilities often give rise to anger in the workplace.

Westford Exeed anger management program is designed for the organizations who want to bring in the positivity at the workplace and avoid conflicts by training their employees on effective anger management.

Program outline

  • Defining anger
  • Explaining the long term and negative impact of anger
  • Explaining how anger affects the bodies, minds and the psychology of the individual
  • The anger process: How the anger is build and identify the hidden triggers for anger
  • Tools and processes for communicating better in anger
  • Tools and tactics to take control of the anger and the situation

Program delivery

The program is of half day duration and the program can be deliver over the weekend or the weekdays. The program can also be deliver along with stress management training.